A new way of PR?

To read the full interview with Influencing, click here

Although we planned for a quiet launch to our consultancy, we’ve already been noticed in some influential corners…

Barely a week in and PR 4 THE PPL has received some media attention of the good kind.

We’ve even been dubbed as a kind of “Robin Hood” in the communications industry with our focus on low-cost, ethical solutions to people who may have never previously thought of professional PR services.

In the interview with journalist Briana Healey from Influencing,  I explain some of my reasons for deciding to leave day-to-day journalism behind to try something new and unique:

“A realisation came to me six months ago that it was going to become increasingly difficult to continue a career as a journalist, even in the short term,” he said.

“As the population of working journalists shrink, so does the pressure increase on the remaining few to not rock the boat politically or to do too many investigations. With so few advertisers left, everyone is looking over their shoulder and most are highly stressed and it’s simply not a great place as an industry at the moment,” he added.

Ozturk said some publishers and owners of major media titles are doing their best to change journalism from a craft into something more akin to glorified marketing.

“Journalists don’t have the resources as they are not being provided with them. It’s also for that reason a lot of good journalistic work is being produced by freelancers these days but ironically those freelancers almost always never earn a fair rate,” he said.

“And with less journalists being employed by major media companies, those same companies will now be relying on freelance labour and more and more, also ‘help’ from PR outfits. I really feel that with digital technological capabilities expanding and literacy rates rising that in the near future everyone will essentially be a journalist. My newly formed consultancy is the first step in the direction of what is coming.”

Do you agree? Is journalism transforming from an investigative craft to something closer to glorified marketing?

Will journalists increasingly be replaced by normal people as media bosses look to cut costs?

What do you think the effects on the media industry will be? What other jobs should journalists be looking for, or like us, should they be making their own?

We would be keen to hear your thoughts.


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