PR 4 THE PPL hits Reclaim The Streets for Unharm

Earlier this month we were tasked with shooting and editing a short, edgy online  video for the not-for-profit drugs reform group Unharm about their attendance at the latest Reclaim The Streets rally in Sydney in March 2016. Unharm executive director, Will Tregoning, says the organisation’s attendance at the rally and reasons for filming the video were multi-pronged:

“The Government’s war on public space isn’t just about bars and nightclubs shutting early. It’s been going on since they introduced drug detection dog operations to our city over a decade ago. The dogs now saturate our music festivals and train stations.

“Now the government has tried to ban ban pill testing. When it comes to drugs, they are still committed to failure and promoting fear. We should be able to party safely. All they are doing is making it worse.

“Unharm went to Reclaim the Streets Sydney to support the city’s nightlife, and talk to people about our campaign for safer parties: safer spaces free from intimidating drug detection operations, safer substances through drug checking (‘pill testing’) and safer drug use through education and allowing people to actually take responsibility. We also had a lot of fun.”

What do you think of the video?

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