What is Halal Snack Pack? PR 4 THE PPL explains…

Some of our followers may be unaware but PR 4 THE PPL’s founder, Serkan Ozturk, has a long connection to kebabs and Turkish food, with his family running a number of outlets in previous years around Australia.

However, despite our years of kebab and grilled meat experience, even we were not expecting the surprise surge in outward appreciation over the past few months for the mixture of meat, chips, cheese and sauce that is lovingly known as the Halal Snack Pack.


A Facebook group – the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society – has been in operation for barely six months but it has already amassed close to 80,000 fans and has hastened a craze all over Australia and other halal parts of the world.

In tribute and in a salute to the thousands of ‘snackie’ lovers out there, here’s a video which clearly shows why HSPs are loved so much … ENJOY!!

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