Free Cannabis picnic receives major media attention

This weekend’s Free Cannabis 420 community picnic organised by Free Cannabis NSW and supported by PR 4 THE PPL has seemingly captured the zeitgeist with plenty of major media outlets reporting on the event before it is held on Saturday, April 9.

Thousands of people have already shared a Daily Mail article which PR 4 THE PPL helped organise, with hundreds of reader comments also overwhelmingly in support of legalising cannabis.

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A Yahoo7 news article also focused on one of the picnic’s guest speakers – cancer patient Paul Lawrence – and his battle to have cannabis fully legalised.

The Huffington Post meanwhile produced a positive news report publicising the picnic with large photos and videos supplied by PR 4 THE PEOPLE.

The picnic has also taken the interest of younger readers with popular online pop-culture site putting its usual tongue-in-cheek treatment on the issues.

Saturday’s picnic has also been highlighted by one of the more popular legal pages on Facebook with an article by the team at Sydney Drug Lawyers comparing the expected treatment of cannabis users by police at this weekend’s event with a protest outside the White House in Washington, USA where scores of people openly smoked cannabis without incident or arrest.

PR 4 THE PPL will be present on the weekend at Sydney’s Victoria Park, so please do say hello if nearby.

Details of Free Cannabis NSW picnic

Location: Victoria Park, Camperdown (near Sydney University)

Time: Midday – 4.20pm

Supplies: BYO food and greenery

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