PR 4 THE PPL hits Newtown to keep it weird

Following a violent attack in April 2016 by a group of homophobic thugs on a local man wearing a dress and make-up, a snap protest party was called by Reclaim The Streets to help Keep Newtown Weird & Safe.

More than 500 people turned up on Saturday, April 23 despite the heavy rain on the day in a bid to show the true bohemian and accepting heart of the famous inner-west suburb in the face of growing violence and an increasing amount of weekend revellers from outside the inner-west due to Lockout Laws in Sydney’s CBD..

PR 4 THE PEOPLE was there to witness all the colour and characters. Our video posted on Facebook reached tens of thousands of people in local community and elsewhere who are determined to keep Newtown ‘weird’ and wonderful.

Do you think Lockout Laws are changing the character of Newtown?

Featured Music: “Long Way Home”, Raw Harmony

What Do You Think?

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