Bands & Comedians to get crowds high at Sydney cannabis picnic

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The latest cannabis picnic to take place in Sydney promises to be the greatest one yet, with a highly talented bunch of musicians and comedians eager to attend and make sure everybody has a good-good time on Sunday, June 12.

The previous Free Cannabis NSW picnic held in April attracted about 200-250 people and received widespread positive coverage across major media outlets – with the Sunday Telegraph,, Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Yahoo7, and the Sydney Criminal Lawyers website all reporting on and publicising the event.

A video of the April picnic posted on Facebook by PR 4 THE PPL also went viral, attracting tens of thousands of views, as well as hundreds of comments, likes and shares.

Organisers this time are expecting a crowd at Camperdown’s Victoria Park of up to 1,000 people or more, and they are also promising that this picnic will be the best one yet.

A number of bands are so eager to play at the latest picnic, they’re all pitching in with their time and creativity for free. The low-key sets will include a bunch of things we have managed to scrabble together so you can hear some psychedelic music live in a park on a Sunday.

Psyche-groovesters King Colour, psych rockers The Shrews and up and comers The Murray Greys will dibble and dabble in some rock and funk and blues.

Inner-west hip-hop will be represented by Ted Addic & his mates, Mic Pompeii sand Jordan Greig, while Son of RA and Jah Tung will bring some reggae and dub vibes to the picnic.

Comedians, including Darren Hunter aka The Lazy Anarcho-Unionist, and Steve Stonerson, will try and get the crowds to laugh in between the music, although that shouldn’t be too difficult to do.

Stoner food will be provided on the day for those with the munchies, with local Newtown cafe D’Munchies cooking up burgers, ice cream and other treats for the hungry.


Just like at previous picnics, it is expected that the event will draw a truly diverse crowd – with cancer patients, pensioners, parents with sick children, university students, people living with disabilities, members of the LGBTI community, and pretty much everyone in between having a quiet lie-down on the day.

“With more and more people of all ages and backgrounds willing to come out of the closet as friends of cannabis, the government and police can only maintain their fictitious War on Drugs for so long,” Free Cannabis NSW executive director, Chris Hindi, said.

“We call these picnics ‘an act of civil disobedience’ but in coming years, these picnics will be regarded as nothing out of the ordinary with the majority of the community already supporting serious reforms of drug laws.

“We also invite everybody who cares about their friends to come join us and have a great weekend picnic with us all.”

The event has the official support of the  NSW Greens, Drug Law Reform Party and Liberal Democrats party.

Indeed, come to the picnic and it’s guaranteed that you will bump into a politician or two as well as perhaps the possible smell of cannabis smoke in the air.


Victoria Park, Camperdown (Sydney)
Sunday June 12, From 11am to 4.20pm
Facebook Event Page:


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