Labor MP Anthony Albanese runs away from PR 4 THE PPL a day out from election

Just a day out from the Australian federal election, PR 4 THE PEOPLE went into the heart of our home suburb of Marrickville to try and get an interview with senior Labor Party figure and local MP, Anthony Albanese, as he attempts to hold off The Greens from the trendy inner-west electorate he has held since 1996.

Things didn’t go quite to plan though and Mr Albanese was doing his best to avoid our cameras and questions …

Do you think ‘Albo’ will be able to hold onto his seat of Grayndler despite a very strong challenge from Greens candidate and local fireman, Jim Casey?

And just why do you think ‘Albo’ was running away from us?

Does it bode well for Labor to topple the LNP out of government come the weekend?

Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts below.

What Do You Think?

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