PR 4 THE PPL attends Volkswagen federal court case to hear of customer fury

PR 4 THE PEOPLE was present at the Federal Court in Sydney last week to see German auto giant Volkswagen continue in its attempt to delay attempts by furious customers to be compensated for purchasing vehicles they purchased under the belief that they were more environmentally-friendly than they really were. 

Australian customers have blasted German car manufacturers Volkswagen and Audi following further attempts by the auto giants to delay a court case launched in the wake of the global diesel emissions scandal.

A class action against the auto-manufacturers was launched late last year in a bid to compensate owners of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles who had purchased diesel cars under the belief that they released fewer emissions than they actually do.

Volkswagen has previously admitted to fitting so-called “defeat devices” to more than 11 million cars globally which disable vehicle’s emissions systems.

At a hearing at the Federal Court in Sydney on the morning of July 7, Volkswagen was directed to file its defence to the claims by December and to also pass on documents and information relevant to the case to legal teams representing aggrieved customers.

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Lead plaintiff, Richard Cantor, told PR 4 THE PEOPLE he was “very disappointed” once again by attempts by Volkswagen to delay proceedings and not admit that it had placed “defeat devices” to override the emission systems of cars sold in Australia.

“I don’t understand why Volkswagen continue to stonewall. It really angers me that they treat consumers with such contempt,” Mr Cantor said.

“Clearly they know they’ve done the wrong thing. They should just own up and say, yes we’ve done the wrong thing and we’ll make recompense.”

Law firm Bannister Law is representing Mr Cantor as well as about 6,000 other plaintiffs in the class action against the car manufacturers.

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“That’s probably the most contentious part of our case is the fact Volkswagen here in Australia are still denying that there’s a defeat device in the vehicles,” solicitor, Diane Chapman, told PR 4 THE PEOPLE.

“Everyone loves their vehicles and they are absolutely heartbroken that this case has gone on and they’ve been lied to and that their vehicles are affecting the environment in the way they are.”

Close to 100,000 cars in Australia are thought to be possibly affected by the faulty emission systems.


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