EXCLUSIVE: Far-right racists threaten to storm comedy show in Sydney’s inner-west

EXCLUSIVE: Far-right racist supporters of Pauline Hanson and members of Neo-Nazi groups who recently stormed a Central Coast church over its teachings on multiculturalism have now threatened to violently attack a stand-up comedian during a run of shows next week in Sydney’s inner-west.

Rising stand-up comedy star, Shayne Hunter, will be launching his new show ‘I’M NOT RACIST, BUT” at The Factory Theatre between September 20 – 24, during which he will tackle themes about Australia’s relationship with colonialism and racism.

Shayne will be performing three shows at Marrickville’s The Factory Theatre on Tuesday, September 20; Thursday, September 22; and concluding on Saturday, September 24 as part of the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival.

Although Shayne’s comedy has proven to be extremely popular over the past few weeks – with two recent videos produced by PR 4 THE PPL reaching more than 100,000 people and seeing hundreds of shares over social media – it seems Shayne’s unique brand of laconic humour and analysis of the ugly heart of Australia has supremely upset a motley crew of Neo-Nazis and racist supporters of Pauline Hanson who are now threatening violence.

Over the past few weeks, both Shayne and PR 4 THE PPL have received messages over social media threatening violence, harassment and racist intimidation from members of various groups pledging allegiance to the United Patriots Front (UPF), the Australian Settlers Rebellion and to racist Queensland federal senator, Pauline Hanson.

In one of the threads, the notorious and much-mocked former UPF leader, Shermon Burgess (aka The Great Aussie Patriot), was tagged.

Some of the messages clearly suggest a concerted or planned effort to storm Shayne’s show at The Factory Theatre, while others have suggested violence towards both Shayne and PR 4 THE PPL.

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Some of the threats sent to Shayne and PR 4 THE PPL are from people linked to far-right groups who stormed the Gosford Anglican Church maintained by Father Rod Bower on NSW’s Central Coast in mid-August.

Angered by Father Bower’s teachings on multiculturalism and against bigotry and racism, a number of these racist individuals invaded Father Bower’s church last month during a Sunday service while dressed in stereotypical ‘Muslim clothes’ and caused great upset to a number of parishioners inside the church at the time, including at least one refugee.

Father Bower also recently appeared in a video produced by PR 4 THE PPL where the highly respected preacher “raps” against racism backed up by an old-school hip-hop beat.

PR 4 THE PPL founder Serkan Ozturk said the violent threats and harassment from Neo-Nazi groups were unsurprising considering the resurgence of mainstream racist attitudes across the country.

“We will not be encumbered or cowered by threats from these vile, racist cowards,” Mr Ozturk said.

“We will continue to speak up and advocate on issues that we know are important and we will do so in a way that also brings joy and laughter to the wider community.”

The Factory Theatre is located right in the heart of Sydney’s diverse and bohemian inner-west, with Marrickville also containing a large population of people of Vietnamese and Greek heritage.

PR 4 THE PPL has made an official report to NSW Police about the threats of violence and intimidation.


Serkan Ozturk
Founder – PR 4 THE PPL
Email: hello@prforpeoples.com
Web: www.prforpeoples.com

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