VIDEO: ‘Reclaim Australia Against Terorism’ rally an EPIC FAIL as nobody turns up!

No more than 50 “patriots” turned up for a ‘Reclaim Australia Against Terrorism’ rally in Sydney this weekend, with the few dozen in attendance railing against everything from Muslims to “leftard Marxists”, “fake news” and “feminazis”.

Waving placards in support of controversial new US president Donald Trump and holding up signs warning of an Islamic takeover of Australia, speakers and attendees at the Martin Place rally on Sunday, January 29 were at pains to claim they were not racists or fascists, but simply good people worried about “Australian values”.

Organisers expected more than 1,000 people to turn up, however rallygoers were hugely outnumbered by a police presence totalling more than 100 officers – including the NSW Police Riot Squad – as well as members of the media.

Police had placed a ban on masks and other face coverings in the area, while organisers were forced to call upon their supporters not to turn up drunk or alcohol-affected.

“[The prophet Mohammed] was a terrorist, a warlord, a paedophile, a sexist, a misogynist, a barbarian,” John Bolton, from the Reclaim Australia group, told the few people in attendance.

“We need to stand firm against that. There is no room for that in Australia.”

Organisers and speakers claimed that Communists and the liberal media posed a danger to the future of society.

“Accusations that groups like this are racist is complete BS [bullshit],” another speaker claimed.

A few counter-protestors attempted to break police lines, including one man with a large banner who started chanting: “Nazi scum, off our streets!”


Another man named Kenny calmly confronted a number of rally-goers towards the end, telling them that they were “not Australians” and that the nation was built on immigration.

“I was walking past this protest today and I saw them and it concerns me that this is occurring in this point in time with our government’s policies and also emboldened by the actions of [president] Trump,” Kenny told PR 4 THE PPL.

“By not challenging them on their arguments we are being complicit in perpetuating more. I for one did not grow up in an Australia that was insular like this and I don’t want it to continue in this way.”

The rally ended on a bizarre note, with the protestors lining up for a group photo as the notes of left-wing activist and rock star John Lennon’s hit song, ‘Imagine’, began to play.


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