OPINION: White fantasies return to haunt the sceptre of Europe

OPINION: The person behind the mass terror attack upon a Quebec mosque in Canada was a white Canadian-Quebecian university student named Alexandre Bissonnette.
Before this news was released just a short while ago, there were plenty of reports a Moroccan man was responsible. He was simply a witness who was running from the scene scared for his life.

There were other even more ludicrous claims by various loony-tunes over social media and in the Breitbart quarters that Syrian refugees were responsible for this murderous terror attack.

This is an interesting insight into the fear dynamic that currently grips the West and many who succumb to White logic. The Muslim as always and eternally inherently violent. The Muslim as possessing this grand and grandiose sense and understanding of violence. The killer.

There used to be others such as the Jews not a short time ago when the West declared war on them. Yes – it may have only been Nazi Germany that did so “officially” but the Soviets killed Jews too and so did others of course.

And the conditions that were in the air back then were spurred on by a similar kind of magical fear-fantasy.

The Jews controlled money somehow, they used magic and sleight of hand to depart you of your own meagre assets. The Jew as mythical cash transaction. The Merchant of Venice.

There was also the matter of the Nazis having famous supporters in both England and the United States. Future president John F Kennedy’s father, Joe, was a virulent anti-Semite and would write letters gushing his admiration of the Nazis on what a job well started by Hitler in the 1930s there. In England, there were Royal supporters and black-shirted aristocratic jackboots like Oswald Mosley. Australia too had its lily-livered leaders of the elite waxing lyrical in 1938 about the German economy rather than comment on any pogroms promulgating and phantasies devouring the human heart to its core where there is only darkness.

Sound familiar?


PR 4 THE PPL – Founder

Image: Toronto-Star

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