Free Cannabis picnic to celebrate 4/20 in Sydney in style

MEDIA RELEASE: ‘Stoner Christmas’ is just around the corner and Free Cannabis NSW is calling on all supporters of the sweet, sacred herb to join in the celebrations for 4/20 in Sydney on Thursday, April 20.

After holding a number of HIGHLY successful and HIGHLY publicised ‘Free Cannabis’ picnics throughout 2016, the team behind Free Cannabis NSW will once again be gathering in nature around the herb with hundreds of others to celebrate that most holiest of holiest days in STONERdom – 4/20!

‘4/20’ is a code or term for cannabis that first gained popularity among followers of the psychedelic rock band the Grateful Dead before spreading to US college campuses. For decades now, cannabis enthusiasts have marked April 20 as the most meaningful day on the cannabis calendar.

Kicking off at 4pm sharp at Victoria Park, the crew at Free Cannabis NSW urge those interested in coming down to not to be a typical stoner and turn up late as you may miss the famous 4.20pm Smoke-Off!

Special guest for the 4/20 picnic will be medical marijuana warrior Jenny Hallam, who is well-known across Australia for her battle to give cannabis products to the sick and terminally ill for free.

Earlier this month, Ms Hallam was charged with “possessing and manufacturing a controlled drug” after her home in Adelaide was raided by police in January.

“I don’t care if I go to jail. They’re not going to stop me from doing what I’m doing. They’re not going to stop me from talking,” Ms Hallam says.

“I’m going to be out there screaming just as loud, and now even louder.”

Friends of Free Cannabis NSW make friends with NSW Police at a picnic last year
Previous guests at the picnics have included politicians, lawyers, comedians, celebrities, bands and DJs. Sharing the bill this time will be the likes of DJs and bands such as God’s Broccoli, Ben 420, Smokin Joe Mekheal, Triex, Kobuki, DJ Terabyte and the Deadbeat Deejays.

There will be raffles and other giveaways during the afternoon while the famous joint rolling competition will also be back. A sausage sizzle thanks to local Newtown stoner food cafe D’Munchies will help fire up things a little more too. 

Free Cannabis NSW founder, Chris Hindi, says 4/20 offers a great opportunity for everyone and anyone interested in cannabis to get together and join in with the hundreds of thousands, if not millions around the world, who mark the day with a smoke cloud in front of their face.

“We hope to see everyone who has an interest in cannabis there on the day to celebrate with us,” he says.

“Although there is a lot more to do on getting cannabis actually legalised in this country, we want everyone to make this a day of true celebration because we think that people who enjoy cannabis or need it shouldn’t feel ashamed about it.”


Thursday, April 20
4pm – 9pm (DON’T  MISS THE 4.20PM SMOKE-OFF!)
Victoria Park, Camperdown (near Sydney University)
Facebook Event Page:


Serkan Ozturk
Founder – PR 4 THE PPL

April 420 2017 Free Cannabis NSW Picnic