Free Cannabis picnic to celebrate 4/20 in Sydney in style

MEDIA RELEASE: 'Stoner Christmas' is just around the corner and Free Cannabis NSW is calling all supporters of the sweet, sacred herb to join in the celebrations for 4/20 in Sydney on Thursday, April 20.

Free Cannabis picnic comes to Queensland for first time

MEDIA RELEASE: A Free Cannabis picnic will be held in Queensland for the first time this weekend at a local Gold Coast park, with hundreds expected to stand up for their rights by sitting down and having a friendly picnic.

Apocalyptic storms & Facebook censorship can’t stop cannabis picnic

MEDIA RELEASE: The highly anticipated Free Cannabis picnic in Sydney has been delayed but not stopped with the event postponed by one week due to freak storms to hit the city over the past few days. While making a decision on the wild weather, organisers were also putting out fires elsewhere after Facebook decided to delete an event page for the picnic that had gathered close to 5,000 followers only four days out from the event.

Bands & Comedians to get crowds high at Sydney cannabis picnic

MEDIA RELEASE: The latest cannabis picnic to take place in Sydney promises to be the greatest one yet, with a highly talented bunch of musicians and comedians eager to attend and make sure everybody has a good-good time on Sunday, June 12.

Free Cannabis NSW picnic a HUGE success

MEDIA RELEASE: The 'Free Cannabis' picnic held in Sydney's Victoria Park over the weekend exceeded all expectations, with the largest ever turnout for the event, made even better by the fact that there were no arrests this time.