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Media & PR with a difference

Most PR and media agencies only service the big end of town and large organisations and not the everyday person on the street. Their high fees, focus on premium brands and “names”, and slow processes limit access to ordinary people who may require the media to be quickly on their side or who have an important or great story to tell.

Founded by journalist and media professional Serkan Ozturk, PR 4 THE PPL focuses on individuals, start-ups and independent and ethical projects, and aims to help people who may not be so experienced with the media or who simply can not afford the high fees charged by larger consultancies.

PR 4 THE PPL is here for you

Our low-cost options as well as our extensive contacts and experience within mainstream, community and niche media will be able to assist you whether you simply require a press release, or editing and proofreading all the way to a viral video, public advocacy, research, PR campaigns and even corporate technical writing, dispute resolutions and robust investigative journalism. We even hold public liability insurance to help you put on events, tours and gatherings.

We can also help ensure that your issues are directly heard by influential individuals and organisations. While we are also in a position to help with bigger budget projects thanks to a reliable network of contacts across the arts, media, politics and the law.

We view no job or project as too small because we know that your ideas, issues and talents matter

Do you have a great story to tell? Or, is there something important that you would like the public to know? Then, what are you waiting for?




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Don’t just take our word on face value, see what our clients and others have to say about PR 4 THE PPL and its founder, Serkan Ozturk. Click here, to view more.

“I have known Serkan Ozturk for many years, both professionally and personally. Serkan is a rare breed. Not only does Serkan possess the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards, he brings with him a truly inspiring desire to help the little guy. Whether he’s exposing injustice or creating awareness and action around a worthwhile cause, his commitment to his craft is unique in the industry. Unlike many of his peers, Serkan is not motivated by money but rather staying true to his values and getting results for those that deserve it. It gives me great joy in recommending Serkan and his organisation’s services. Keep up the great work!”


Yan Kruger – Leadership Consultant

“Within the space of about three months, PR 4 THE PPL helped grow our ‘Free Cannabis picnic’ from a one-off event in Sydney that barely attracted 100 people into a nationwide movement that now has the support of hundreds of thousands of people and coverage from some of the country’s largest media networks. Thank you PR 4 THE PPL – we couldn’t have done it without your publicity and advocacy work, not to mention the viral videos!”

Chris Hindi – Founder, Free Cannabis NSW